Spring 2019

Let's Reset 


Sunday 22nd Sept


$39 Investment


Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the mind and body of the old, and prepare for the new.


As a part of Cosmic Yoga Studio’s ‘Naturopathic Seasonal Workshop Series’, Tash Ryan and Katrina Schilling invite all to a glorious, spring afternoon of mind and body reset.


In this 2 hour workshop, Naturopaths, Tash Ryan and Katrina Schilling will shine a light on holistic and sustainable ways to detoxifying your mind, body, and home in a modern environment. 


  • Explore a Naturopathic approach to a mind and body reset and discuss how it can powerfully impact gut, hormone, and mental health and wellbeing.


  • Discover the art of mindful eating and nutrition for sustainable detoxification of the body and mind.


  • Learn about the influence and importance of your sleep and stress management practices.


  • Take home the basics of practical, low-tox living.


This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to learn from and get your questions answered by experts in the field of natural health and wellbeing.


Tash Ryan and Katrina Schilling are both degree-qualified Naturopath’s (BHSc) and founders of Seasons & Cycles Workshop Series. Tash and Katrina have combined their expertise and passions, offering small groups the opportunity to feel connected and educated about the world of natural health and healing. You can learn more about Tash at http://wildoatnaturalhealth.com and Katrina at https://www.bunmarkhealth.com/

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