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As a valued consumer, it is important to us that you understand and are comfortable with our policies, terms and conditions before using our services. We kindly ask that you take a moment to read them.




This website is owned and operated by Bunmark Health. It is designed to be educational and informative. Online content includes views and opinions of the author, and is based on thorough research and educated knowledge however due to the evolving nature of science and technology content may not always be up-to-date with the latest research. Supporting information from other sources is used in developing all content. As each individual is different, the general purpose information from this website, should not be used in place of personalized, professional advice and neither Katrina Schilling nor any other contributor will be liable for damages of any kind to any person who uses or relies on the information provided. 


If you are experiencing a medical emergency contact a medical professional or go directly to your nearest emergency department. 


This website does not host any form of advertisement.


You must not use this webiste or our services if you disagree with any of our terms. Bunmark Health is permitted to revise the terms at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of the user to review the terms on a regular basis.



Terms and conditions

Please ensure you understand all terms and conditions before booking with us.
Consumers should accept or reject this information of their own free will.
Code of Conduct


Katrina Schilling of Bunmark Health acknowledges that practitioners not regulated by the Australian Health Practitioners’ Regulation Agency (AHPRA) must comply with a code of conduct. Full details can be found here.



Informed Consent


As a provider of natural therapies, Bunmark Health will only deliver treatment and services within the scope of practice of the chosen practitioner.


Practitioners at Bunmark Health will use only natural, non-invasive methods of assessment and treatment, and each practitioner reserves the right to decide which cases fall outside of their scope of practice and appropriate referral will be made when necessary.


Privacy Policy


Your privacy is very important to us. Bunmark Health understands and applies the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. This business upholds high standards of security and safety of your personal details. 


Intellectual Property

Katrina Schilling is the author of all content on this website unless stated otherwise. Please respect our rights and avoid copying any information found on this website.





This website may offer paid or free downloads. Care is taken to promote safe downloading of content however should damage such as viruses occur, Katrina Schilling or Bunmark Health shall not be held responsible. 



External Links


Links to external sites (third party) may be used on this website for information or entertainment purposes. Katrina schilling or Bunmark Health shall not be held responsible for the safety of these sites such as viruses or damage, and Bunmark Health is in no way linked to sales or advertising connected to these sites.





In an effort to minimize spam and enhance our website, safety certain information is gathered when visitors leave comments on this website. Such data includes browser user agent string, the user's IP address, and data shown in the comments form.



Bookings and Payment Terms


Bookings for services provided by Bunmark Health can be made by phone or online via our bookings page where payment is required upon booking unless otherwise stated. Please follow the steps on the SIMPLE CLINIC booking service or alternatively contact Bunmark Health with any queries or uncertainties. Certain payment and billing data will be collected by our third-party partners. Data collected may include but is not limited to name, credit card number, security code, and expiration date. 




Pricing of our services, consultations, classes, events, or workshops may be changed at any time without notice.





We value our client's time and as such appreciate your mutual respect of ours and other clients, therefore, Bunmark Health has a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.


Notice of 24 hours or more is required for cancellation of all bookings. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or failure to attend will result in forfeit of the scheduled appointment and payment of 100% of the booking fee. Please see Appointment Changes for details on rescheduling.



Appointment Changes 


Clients may re-schedule naturopathic consultations up to 12 hours prior to a scheduled appointment. Changes can be by contacting Bunmark Health or your assigned practitioner directly.


If for any reason a practitioner cannot attend an appointment due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances, the client will be advised as soon as possible. Bunmark Health offers clients the options to re-schedule or a full refund, whichever they prefer.



Behavior and Etiquette 

Please respect our staff, other clients, and our facilities at all times. Aggressive or inappropriate behavior, gestures, or comments will not be tolerated by Bunmark Health. At the discretion of the practitioner in charge consultation will be terminated immediately if such behavior occurs. 



Client Intake Forms


To ensure all clients are receiving the best care from Bunmark Health we kindly request that our client intake form is completed. This form is only required for new clients and can be found by clicking on the link within the booking confirmation email. 


The client intake form must be completed 24 hours prior to an appointment. Where a client intake form is not received in time the client must complete the form during a consultation at the expense of their own consultation time. With respect to our practitioners and other clients, no extra time will be allocated to compensate for lost time and full consultation fees will be charged. In the case of any missed information due to lost time, further consultation may be needed to ensure quality care can be provided.



Functional Medicine Testing and Referrals


At Bunmark Health we offer our clients the opportunity to receive high quality, integrative, and comprehensive care. Referrals may be made to other health practitioners and we encourage communication between professionals. Please advise your general practitioner or other healthcare providers of any concurrent treatments. 


We ask that client's provide us with any existing health information you have including pathology, scan, or other results to ensure high-quality care, minimize double handling and unnecessary testing. If you do not have a copy of your results please contact the clinic or practitioner who requested them and ask for their assistance in gaining these. 


Payment of additional testing is not covered by Bunmark Health appointment fees and is an additional cost to be made by the client unless covered by the Australian Medicare Scheme. We always respect our client's autonomy and the use of any referrals or requests for investigations and testing is up to the client.



Health Rebates


Clients with private health insurance for naturopathy are responsible for contacting their insurance provider and claiming their own rebates if applicable.


To find out more please contact your insurance provider directly for assistance and details.




Contact Information

Office address: 61 Hutchinson street, Mount Barker, South Australia.




Phone: 0423 742 454


Our clinic space is accessible by wheelchair. 


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