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About Bunmark Health

Bunmark     /ˈbʊn.mɑːk/


Bunmark is the family name of Katrina's mother. The meaning of the name embodies merit and worthiness. In Katrina's eyes, this could not be more descriptive of how she feels about the health of each individual. We are all worthy of good health and deserve to be given the chance to live to our full potential regardless of background, age, gender, culture, race, or health complexities.


Born in Lat Yao, a district of the Nakhon Sawan province in central Thailand, Katrina's mother is a primary inspiration of hard work, perseverance, love for family, gardening, and tasty Thai cooking. Katrina owes her love of these things to her mother. 


We see good health as a sustainable investment. That's why we provide holistic, education and healthcare that empowers people to take charge of their own bodies and wellbeing and in doing so supporting th community around them.


Our Naturopath


Bachelor of Health Science (Nat), BSc (Bio)

NHAA member

Based in South Australia Katrina Schilling is a naturopath in both private practice and education settings. With a background in science and botany Katrina's practice is founded on a balance of evidence-based science and traditional therapies. Although she loves helping all people move forward with their health Katrina focuses on women's health and hormones, mental wellbeing, chronic fatigue, and gut health including navigating digestive issues and food sensitivities. Katrina has a passion for holistic nutritional and emotional support through preconception care, pregnancy, and post-partum.


Katrina also has a strong interest in mindfulness-based meditation techniques for mental wellbeing, sleep and stress management. She believes that through an individualized and realistic approach to wellness everyone has the innate ability to feel great and function healthfully to live their personal version of a happy and thriving life.

The key? Start simple. 

Katrina can be seen for naturopathy private consultation in Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills at Bunmark Health.

Katrina is a trained Hypnobirthing Australia supportive caregiver.

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NICOLE WHITE, Outer Inner Space 

Outer Inner Space serves as an outlet, delving into patterns and rhythms, in people and on the planet (and in space), considering the bigger picture, as well as the daily details, the energetic potential, the timing at play and the physical practicality.

The intention of Nicole's work is to show how subtle tools like Astrology can help you identify the gifts innately within you.


Nicole says "My feeling is that there's much more going on than meets the eye, and if we're open enough, we can see/hear/perceive what's being asked of us, and we're given clues along the way."

I feel attuned to a future where we use the subtle senses and subjective impressions to receive insights which help steady our course and remove the superfluous, directing energy in ways which give the individual more freedom, creating ripple effects in the community and beyond.

Check out Periods, Brainwaves, & Astrology, which includes Katrina's knowledge on hormones and the phases menstrual cycle, and explore the interconnectedness.




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