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Frequently asked questions

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments can be booked online via the booking diary here. You can choose a date and time that suits you best, simply follow the prompts and you'll be all booked in. 

If you'd prefer to book in by speaking directly with our primary naturopath you can email or call 0423 742 454.

None of the times offered in the online booking diary suit me. Can I make an appointment outside clinic hours?

Yes. We will do our best to accommodate outside clinic hours appointments as we understand how busy life can get! Please contact us via email or phone and we will do our best to book you in for your preferred time however we cannot always guarantee available appointment times outside clinic hours.

What does a naturopath do?

At Bunmark Health our qualified naturopath's role is to use evidence-based and traditional natural therapies including herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and flower essences to treat the whole individual. 

Can we order functional pathology tests?

Yes. We use multiple Australian laboratories that specialise in functional wellbeing and pathology testing services. Some of the more common tests ordered include: CDSA stool collection to assess gut health, microbiology, and screen for parasites, hormone testing to support management of pre-conception care, fertility, hormonal conditions such as PCOS, PMS, PMDD, hair mineral analysis and toxicity screening. Vitamin D, iron, and amino acid profiling amongst hundreds of other tests are also available.

What is our cancellation policy?

We value your time and energy and that of our other patients. Please respect our practitioner's time by following our cancellation policy. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation.

Can I reschedule?

Yes. Rescheduling an appointment to a later date can be done up to 12 hours before your appointment. Please email or phone the clinic to reschedule to a time that suits you.

Where can I find the Bunmark Health clinic?

We are located at 61 Hutchinson Street, Mount Barker, SA.

Can I see Katrina in a different location?

Yes! You can also book in with Katrina at 

Who can see a naturopath?


Naturopathic care is suitable for people of all ages and walks of life, 0 to 100+.



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