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Brown Rice and Radish Congee

Serves 4




1 small medium heat sliced fresh chili

¼ cup apple cider vinegar

¼ cup non-GMO tamari

1 heaped Tbsp. thinly sliced ginger root

3 medium cloves garlic chopped

3 Tbsp. olive oil

Fresh coriander roughly chopped

Fresh spring onion roughly chopped

Organic chicken bone broth

Organic* chicken** bones. Ask your local organic butcher for bones or a carcass.

1 brown onion peeled

1 whole garlic bulb or 4 large cloves

1 small bunch coriander including roots (rinsed)

1 large peeled carrot

1 whole lemongrass stalk

4 kaffir lime leaves

3 generous pinch of unrefined sea salt

2 L filtered water or until all ingredients are covered

*Organic bones should be used where possible to eliminate the likelihood of heavy metal contamination and chemicals used during growth and manufacture processes.

**Using chicken bones provides a higher amount of gelatin and collagen compared to beef or lamb bones. However these will still provide nutritional benefits and can be substituted if preferred.


4 cups cooked brown rice

1 cup slivered Chinese radish / daikon

200 g free-range, organic chicken mince

Traditional methods use mince however organic chicken breast poached and shredded can be used if preferred.



Traditionally, congee rice is cooked three times:

(1.) Cook rice in a pot on the stove or in a rice cooker

(2.) Boil slivered Chinese radish in a large pot with 400 ml water on medium to high heat. Once soft add cooked rice and boil until all water is absorbed and you have a soft but not gluggy texture.

(3.) Boiled rice and radish is added to broth (See congee method)


1. Add 4.5 cups of your pre-made chicken bone broth to a pot and heat on medium until simmering.

2. Add chicken mince, mixing evenly throughout stock.

3. Add 3 Tbsp. tamari

4. Once chicken is cooked mix through cooked rice

A gluggy consistency may mean you need to add more stock and create a more soup-like congee texture.

Condiments (3)

Garlic + ginger oil

1. Lightly fry chopped garlic and slivered ginger in olive oil and remove before medium brown as cooking process will continue after removal from oil. Serve in a ramekin in fresh olive oil.

Pickled chili (prepared night before)

1. Chop fresh chili into thin slices and allow to soak in apple cider vinegar overnight (white vinegar is used traditionally, we have opted for a gut-friendly vinegar). Serve in a ramekin.

Tamari – serve alone in a ramekin

Serve to your liking with condiments and freshly chopped coriander and spring onion.


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